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The Law Offices of Peddy, P.A. provides outstanding legal services for families in Lakeland, FL, Tampa, FL, and the nearby areas. When you need a child custody lawyer who is committed to providing you with expert legal services, you can depend on our law office for the right solutions. Our legal practice offers competent family law and marital law services to help you resolve your child custody concern effectively. As your child custody attorney, we will see to it that your unique challenges are approached with the most effective methods that serve your family’s best interests.

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When a marriage ends, children still need to continue their relationships with both parents. A child custody lawyer can assist in finding the best resolution for your child custody arrangement. At the Law Offices of Peddy, P.A., you will receive expert representation from a trusted child custody attorney who is committed to helping you resolve your family law concern favorably. We offer a professional yet compassionate approach you can benefit from as you navigate the challenges inherent in child custody disputes.

We are the child custody lawyers you can count on to go above and beyond to assist you with receiving the best resolution to your child custody case. We work with you and your family to help you meet your child custody goals. Our attorneys are driven, committed, and dedicated to helping you and your family enjoy a positive relationship with an agreeable child custody arrangement.

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