Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney in Lakeland, FL. & Tampa, FL.

Robert Peddy is a trusted juvenile criminal defense lawyer serving Lakeland, FL., Tampa, FL., and the nearby areas. We provide comprehensive criminal defense services for juveniles who are facing criminal charges. If you are the parent of a child who has criminal charges being brought against them, you should know you and your child’s options. Trust us to provide you with effective criminal defense services you need to help you get through this challenging time.

Protecting Your Future

At Law Offices of Peddy, P.A., we can provide you with the assertive representation that is essential to helping your child get the best outcome in their juvenile criminal case. As their criminal defense lawyer, we can provide the assertive representation their case deserves. Our goal is to obtain a favorable ruling on behalf of our clients to ensure that they get the opportunity to protect their futures. Trust our attorneys to use their expertise to help guide you expertly through the juvenile criminal system.

Legal Help for Good Kids

Often kids can get caught up with the wrong crowd and can end up feeling pressured to join in illegal acts. When good kids make mistakes, we are committed to helping them get a second chance by protecting their rights. Robert Peddy is the juvenile criminal defense attorney you can trust to provide expert representation for juvenile cases of all types.

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