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Law Offices of Peddy, P.A. is an experienced violation of probation attorney, offering aggressive criminal defense services in Lakeland, FL., Tampa, FL., and the nearby areas. If an individual has been accused of violating their probation, it is important to know that they have rights. Whether the violation is a Substantive Violation of Probation or a Technical Violation of Probation, turn to the law offices of Robert Peddy for assertive criminal defense legal services.

Understanding Probation Violation

As your criminal defense lawyer, we will explain your rights and options and assist you with getting the best outcome in your criminal case involving a violation of probation. If you have been charged with a Technical Violation of Probation, this involves failure to adhere to the specific conditions of the probation, such as reporting changes of addresses. A substantive Violation of Probation involves being directly associated with a criminal act or committing a new criminal act.

Violating probation is not considered a new crime, however, it is considered a breach of a court order. If a breach is found to have been committed, then the court may opt to revoke the probation and carry out the original sentencing. Count on our law firm for experienced violation of probation defense services that are focused on ensuring the best outcome in your case. Our attorneys are driven, focused, and dedicated to obtaining the best results for you.

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